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Artists Inspire Artists

January 29, 2014, Graciela Ruiz

Evolution of the Concept Art

The art in siphon – like most art – is inspired from the creativity of others. We were not only inspired by artists we follow on the internet, but by each other.

In the beginning of our production process we created many versions of plants, machines and character concepts. It’s really amazing to see how our creations evolved and our ideas blended to create something amazing.


Of all the things that we created concept art for, our main character Trella probably had the most. We wanted to make a character that players could identify with even though they had a fantastical and strange appearance. We went through tons of vastly different pieces of concept art just for the protagonist alone before refining a final design.

Get Inspired

The jungle environment in Siphon was inspired by fellow artists  and successful side scrolling platformers like Rayman Origins,  Limbo and Up The Video Game to name a few. We wanted to create lush and colorful conceptual pieces that got the mood we were going for across in simple pieces.


Creating these assets has also been a major learning experience. We watched lots of tutorials to find the most efficient ways to create common assets like rocks, cave walls, and tree trunks. Sometimes our artists were out of their comfort zone, but we all grew from our experiences and improved our skills in the process.