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A Barrel Full of Laughs

March 7, 2014, Sophia Baldonado

Game Design

Phase 1

Rough concept drawings of a part of the level design of SiphonLevel design is like a barrel full of laughs along with some heated arguments. As designers we have control the overall look and feel to the game. Being all from creative backgrounds we each have different perspectives to contribute to the game. Although each has a unique outlook on how to design we have to compromise and create merriment of conceptual work.

Phase 2

The next stage of game design is converting the drawings to digital form and specifying object dimensions and behaviorsFrom concepts to paper to building the levels with the software to more concepts, back to building, onward to using more paper, the levels eventually start to take shape; which eventually leads back to paper. Reworking is a core element to being a successful level designer. The ability to “kill your babies” is an important skill to have when reevaluating how fun the game can become. Although it may be a good idea, sometimes it should be saved for a different time.

Phase 3

Last stage of Siphon game design includes arranging the geometry in Unity and adding the art to go with itOn the other hand (gnarled and disfigured as it may be), the process is not without its benefits. As shown in the first image we have very basic ideals for what can be implemented. As we progress through concepts we work out elements that either work, or are ruthlessly shot down such as the second image. During the next phase of constructing levels the process evolves in development and artists can determine the style of the section seen in the third image. After much deliberation the level fulfills our needs, and if it doesn’t, we go back to the drawing boards to refine and look for opportunities to innovate. These are the challenges of level designers.


Nolan, Evan, Maryse, Kyle